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What is Gutenberg and how to use it?

If you follow the world of WordPress, you’ve probably heard about Gutenberg, the new content editor that’s set to roll out later this year. 
Gutenberg was the development name for the new editor that is now incorporated into WordPress core. It replaced the long-standing visual or ‘classic’ editor, which was a feature that saw a minimal change over the years.
Gutenberg is also referred to as the Block Editor. This is because it works by providing a library of individual blocks of content. These are broken down into categories, such as text formatting blocks and embeddable blocks for media elements. These can then be customized in a way that’s similar to many third-party page builder plugins.
The Block Editor offers a more interactive, drag-and-drop experience for content creators. Another benefit of this feature is that it gives you the option to add placeholder blocks in your content for later editing, or move content around on the page or post more easily. 

Gutenberg Blocks

Gutenberg Bocks Provide you block to add the content in the post and any page with the help of there blocks you can easily manage the content according to your need.

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